How CDoc May Help Run Your Business Efficiently?

Posted by Coralfusion Technologies

Office automation is one of the popular new age trends that small medium business business and large scale enterprises prefer to follow to a great extent. The term basically refers to the different computer machinery and software that help create, store, collect, relay, and manipulate crucial office information digitally. These information are basically needed for accomplishing the basic goals and tasks. Managing the electronic business information, electronic transfer and raw data storage are some of the most important functions that an office automation platform usually performs. CoralFusion - CDoc is an advanced office automation platform that helps ease out the workload of a business organization. With the help of different software and hardware solutions this software helps automate the different tricky business processes.
Unlike other office automation software, CoralFusion - CDoc has been designed keeping in mind the varying requirements of different businesses. This is why it has an absolutely customizable design so that the features of the software can be customized according to the exact business requirements of the customers. This software helps minimize the involvement of the professionals in the regular tasks. This software also helps organize the process of record creation and documentation to a great extent. This is mainly because document management system is an integral aspect of CoralFusion - CDoc.

Let's take a look at the different aspects of this advanced office automation platform

Acts as a process automation tool CDOC helps users create definable, automated and repeatable business processes. The software supports end to end business process management and also contributes to the improvement of the process. The different aspects of workflow automation of CoralFusion - CDoc are document change control, quality procedures, expense reporting, HR procedures, workforce training and review processes

Helps in document management CDoc offers all the methods that are required to secure, manage, capture and share information from different sources and documents, within a business organization. Right from email messages and images to scanned paper documents and electronic forms, the software can scan and store information from all types of documents. Apart from these, CoralFusion - CDoc also helps manage converted paper documents, any kind of files and electronic files.

Helps to creae Workflow With the help of document workflow, which is an integral aspect of CoralFusion - CDoc, all the users can create easy to use and simple document workflow procedures. With the help of this module, the users can create, receive, and approve, route and review documents. With the help of this, users can also store the electronic information in a systematic way. At the same time, they will also be able to inform the other users about the recent changes. This, in turn, helps improve the productivity of the entire process and minimize the chances of errors to a great extent.
CoralFusion - CDoc is a high end office automation platform that helps in records management to a great extent. It helps minimize the risk of document loss or complete misplacement of documents. This advanced software also helps manage files, email message and different types of documents, based on the defined policies of records management. It also helps design and follow effective business practices in a consistent manner.