What is a Document Management System?

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What is Document Management Software?

The document management system is a process of storing, managing, tracking, sharing the business documents. It helps to organize the business documents. Organizing the documents helps to run their business in an effective way.

What are the benefits of document management software?

DMS Software gives you a priceless benefit. Here are some of the advantages of document management software

Centralized document repository
Handling tons of paper document, cotogorixing it is a difficult task. Having a Document Management System helps to organize the file. And this reduces the cost and storage.
Improved Collaboration
Collaborating between the teams is the important benefit of DMS. DMS helps to share, edit and view the documents among the teammates. using DMS as one can align the task, see the versions edited and also can set a privilege to the files.
Increasing data security
Some Document Management System helps to restrict the unauthorized person. And the documents are also encrypted and shared. The documents also get protected from the disasters because they are stored securely in cloud storage.
Easy Search
Easy File Retrieval
Retrieving the particular documents from the huge paper documents is time consuming. DMS helps to store the file with a keyword or keyphrase using this the files can be retrieved easily. Also, some document management system uses advanced searches which will search a keyword in a whole content which helps to retrieve a document immediately without any sweat.
Paperless office
Going paperless helps to minimize the wastage of paper, ink and printing machines.
DMS helps...

Where to store my Documents?

Cloud based document management system: This kind of software is hosted and accessible online. The documents here can be accessed anytime, anywhere, whenever needed. The cost of this DMS will be based on the number of users and storage space.

On premise document management system: It helps to setup the document management system in a company own server. It can be easy cutomizable. but it involves the high cost of setting up own server, own softwares and disk space.