Coralfusion provides high quality scanning services for a wide range of document types, including book scanning services. Coralfusion one of the largest scanning companies in Chennai, and we maintain all the most advanced scanning technology, as well as secure convenience. 

The book scanning process is complex than normal scanning documents one page at a time. The vendor should have skill and expertise to not damage the book pages or spine of the book while working the book scanning. At Coralfusion, we take the supreme care of the books you commit us with throughout the book scanning process. With Coralfusion book scanning services, we can help protect your books in a digital form that can continue forever without the worry of damage from any natural resourcs.

Destructive Book

Destructive Book Scanning

Coralfusion will cut the spiral of the book and then scan. Once the scanning complete, we arrange to bind the book.
Scan Quality: 300 dpi, Colour
File Type: Searchable PDF

Destructive Book

Non-Destructive Book Scanning

Coralfusion will scan the book without cutting the spiral. here the processes will take extra time which compares to the destructive book scanning method.
Scan Quality: 300 dpi, Colour
File Type: Searchable PDF

Types of Books

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