Digitization Services:

There are many organizations who are suffering from a huge backlog of paper files and digitizing them would make their tasks of handling the documents much easier.

Document Scanning:

In our CDOC better organization of your documents and advanced collaboration capabilities, saves your company time and increases productivity.

Document Digitization Services:

Document Scanning. Document scanning is a term often used, but is a process that is very different than document conversion or remediation. Document scanning results in an imaged version of a document, or an electronic copy of the paper document

Document conversion is the process of converting paper documents into digital formats. By converting your documents into digital formats, you can preserve your documents. Services allied with such conversion work are termed as Document Digitizing Services.

Our Digitization service offers high quality and swift conversion of physical documents into electronic format.

OCR text rendering - Our software can extract data from forms automatically.Integration with your current paper workflow with most existing document management systems.

Why Digitization is very important?

Document Scanning & Digitization Services

Digitization of documents is the first and the most important process that involves scanning of documents and meta tags* entry (data entry) for all the records. This can be a long, tedious and costly process if managed with unprofessionalism. The documents that an organization possesses are of different shapes and sizes. Some documents are very old and need special attention while handling.

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