What is Document Management System?

Document Management System is used to Scan, Index, Store, Retrieve, Process, Control and Distribute critical business document safely and securely. Document Management Systems usually save information on cloud servers or on-premise servers. These automated storage spaces often take up less space than their physical complement.


CDOC is an On-premise and Cloud-Based Document Management System where you can store, edit, manage and track your business documents and maintain it in an organized way. The useful features in the CDOC helps to handle all the files of your team within this single application. This document management software eases your work by increasing your productivity by reducing costs.

The CDOC ensures security by its advanced encryption techniques, two-factor authentication, and brute-force attack etc, So that your confidential business documents will be safe and secure. It also provides facilities to manage your storage space by assigning a quota to the individual. Only the admin here has all the rights to restrict the user. It also provides you the flexibility to store the documents in your cloud storage.

Unique Features Of CDOC

Powerful Search Functionality

If you do not have a proper document management system in place, searching the right document at the time becomes a far-fetched dream. Therefore, a document management system able to deliver a fast search is one of its most important components.

CDOC DMS uses a powerful search function that can find any document from any device very quickly. Also the search tool reaches to words within documents, so you can find a document even you forgot the name.

Role-based User Permissions

Large companies have lots of employees and lots of data. Sometimes, some of that data needs to be preserved by limited access so only a select few employees can see.

With CDOC DMS, users can be created with different permissions to account for what they can and cannot view within the DMS system.

Cloud or Desktop Solutions

Several document management systems only offer you one solution either online or desktop. There are benefits of both of these types of systems, and what you need depends on what your business methods are like.

CDOC DMS offers both online and desktop solutions for your business. Unlike many other systems, we allow you to take the decision into your own hands and choose the best solution.

CDOC Features

Store your documents in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage, and sharing for future use. Centralizing this process ensures relevant information is immediately accessible when needed.

In most cases, documents come in bulk. Uploading them one by one is time-consuming. With the CDOC software, you can upload everything in one go more efficiently.

Avoid unauthorized access by implementing role-based permissions for file entry. This ensures only the right people can open, view, and modify certain files.

Fetches your documents easily with different options using a file name, keywords, date, classification, and types. Multiple search criteria also supported.

This feature allows you to determine the validity of a particular document or cabinet for a certain period. After retention, the particular file or cabinet is archived.

Applying adjustments and modifications to a PDF file is made simpler. Add text, Remove Text, date, for customizations. Using PDF tools to compress, split, merge, delete pdf pages in the documents.

Administrators can easily view and restore the documents deleted by the users in a single click using the Recycle Bin module.

CDOC Full-text indexing of all documents to provide real-time, instant search results based on the content of files along with meta-data or index searches.

Document preview helps to see what's inside a document. CDOC supports 200 file types, where it can be previewed using a preview option.

Share documents easily both internally or externally. Users can attach the document as Email or create a secure password protected sharable link for the document.

Access your files even when you are using a tablet or mobile device. This also simplifies image capture of documents and quick uploads.

CDOC Version Control ensures you always have access to the latest and most updated version of a document. It's easy to see what has changed, who did it and when the change was made.

Multi-Factor Authentication is an additional security process to secure your account. It is done by the combination of a Password and a Mobile, Email OTP or a Google Authenticator.

CDOC Audit log allows the administrator to view the complete record of a specific document, specific users in the organization. This contains the name of the user, date and time the file was accessed, the type of action performed, and keeps comments from the user.

CDOC DMS interface simple and easy to navigate so that you can get started with the system as quickly as possible.

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